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Mos Generator - Time//Wounds LP

Mos Generator - Time//Wounds LP

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Written, Arranged and Recorded over two sessions in the summer of 2021, with some musical themes going back as far as 1989. Time//Wounds is six songs about the passing of time, the tolls taken by the pursuit of dreams, and the regret of opportunities not taken. “I hear this collection of songs as progressive rock of the 1970s meets the 1980s and 90s alternative underground. Much like the music I was writing in the 1990s when I was in my early twenties.” Although previous albums have been leading up to this shift in sound, Time//Wounds takes a massive leap forward (and backward) by conjuring the spirit and recklessness of young musicians and combining it with the experience and diversity of mature songwriters.

At the time of writing this release, we have decided to proceed with finalizing the album by using these demos instead of re-recording the album from the ground up. I am revisiting each mix to bring out the best in what we have captured and to replace or add instrumentation that I feel needs attention. By taking this route we possibly sacrifice perfection for energy but this isn’t a new approach for us and we feel like it has worked well on previous albums.

Black Vinyl


  1. Aja-Minor
  2. (Don't) Wait Until Tomorrow
  3. Burn Away The Years
  4. Getting Good at Revenge
  5. Only Yesterday
  6. Until We Meet Again (parts i-iv)

Tony Reed: Guitar / Vocals / Mellotron / Synthesizer
Jono Garrett: Drums
Sean Booth: Bass

All sonic Manipulations
by Reed at HeavyHead Recording Co. Port Orchard WA.
June 2021 - September 2022
Cover photo “Balance of Melancholy” by Conny Ochs
Cover layout: #3
All songs written by Reed. Published by Bremerton Grey Music (ASCAP)


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