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An epic journey of adventure and exploration in its natural raw state. A snapshot of their typical musical session, an uncompromising surrender to the music and to their love for all things drone and heavy.

  1. Nebula
  2. Electromagnetic Spectrum
  3. Pulsars and Quasars
  4. Absolute Zero
  5. Antimatter
  6. Supernova
STONE IN are an inventive duo dedicated to exploring heaviness in all its musical forms. Deep, ominous tones? Check. Passages of seething tension and ecstatic release? Check. Pummelling rhythms and hypnotic riffage? Of course. They’re all here, carrying the weight that Men In UFOs delivers after you slam that vinyl on the turntable and drop the needle.

This document testifies to the band's prowess and devotion to embark on long adventurous journeys through their musical vocabulary, exploring and amusing themselves during uninterrupted escapades of music. From one such excursion comes the presented work in the form of standalone pieces shaped naturally as songs.

Greg Valou (guitar/bass & flute) and Alberto Centurion (drums) have found their own way to be heavy; they aren’t limited whatsoever by their duo format. These tracks jam as hard as any power trio. Moments might recall Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys, Ash Ra Tempel, OM, or even Slint. The improvisational nature of their approach gives the recordings on Men In UFOs a live-off-the-floor magic that you can’t help but draw you in as you vicariously experience the moment of their creation. Robert Fripp called such moments “getting a visit from the good fairy,” and it sounds like this spirit was present when Stone In pressed RECORD and conjured this music from the vacuum of deep space.

Limited edition vinyl recorded in British Columbia, CA., mixed and mastered in Morelos, MX., and pressed in Ontario, CA. An epic journey of adventure and exploration in its most raw form. A snapshot into a typical musical session, an uncompromising surrender to the music and love for all things drone and heavy.

The musical content has been left unchanged from the original tapes and editing has been kept to a minimum. This recording took place one hot summer night in 2011 in Burnaby, BC, Canada.


released February 3, 2022

Spontaneously composed and performed by Stone In
Recorded with the Drone Love Mobile Unit at Charts
Mixed and mastered by Vishnu Madera at La Vista Estudio
Cover by Centurion Basso Design
Words by The Mule
Produced by Alberto Centurion

Greg Valou - Double-neck Guitar/Bass, Flute
Alberto Centurion - Drums

Stone In loves their families, friends, and life.

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